Welcome to the Stake DAO Governance Forum

Custodians of the herd, welcome to the Stake DAO Governance Forum!

There are a few things you should know before jumping in to the discussion:

  1. Topics/Posts/Replies with low information content will be ruthlessly moderated. Only comment if you’re adding a thoughtful, new idea. To indicate agreement with an existing comment, throw it a :white_heart: instead of cluttering the thread. This forum is for considered, long-term conversation.

  2. Please read the forum rules and FAQ! They contains a lot of advice for how to be a productive community member.

  3. Please keep posts in English. Whilst we welcome discussion on Stake DAO in other languages (in, for example, the Stake DAO discord), we don’t support a governance forum in any other languages at the moment (If you’d like to pitch in, let us know).

Your mods