About the Improvement Protocol (SDIP) category

Stake DAO Improvement Protocol (SDIP):

Governance forum post: Each proposal should be posted on the governance forum for at least 48 hours before posting the snapshot, which allows the community to give some feedback, propose changes, and vote on a community sentiment poll.

Description: SDIPs are about the most important modifications either on the governance framework or on the protocol directly.

Number, Name, type and description of the proposal Each proposal must be easily identifiable and correctly classified.

  • Name: The name must be the same on the forum post and snapshot (Max 10 words)
  • Number: Each proposal must have a number representing the post order on the forum and snapshot
  • Type SDIP

Summary: Short description of the proposal (1-2 sentences max)

Context: What’s the modification and why it’s needed.

Rationale: Detailed explanation of the proposal and milestones for its execution.

The SDIPs would concern but wouldn’t be limited to:

  • New version of the protocol
  • Smart contract modification
  • Updates on the initial parameters
  • Governance framework modification
  • Add/Remove a signer on the treasury multisig
  • Modification of the protocol fees distribution

SDIPs are the most critical and important types of proposals, as it’s directly about the core product of Stake DAO or a major change in the functioning of governance.
It’s very important to get as many community members aware of this kind of proposal for them to vote accordingly, which is why we should consider more conservative parameters, and a longer voting period:

Voting options:
Must add an abstain option.

Proposal specifications
Admin: Team multisig
Community feedback: 2 days min
Voting duration: 8 days
Quorum: As we’re still in the migration phase, each quorum will be voted on later.