Accelerate sdBAL gauge voting to every 10 day

Since the industry doesn’t seem o be willing to move from the poorly designed HH bribe market for BAL, even despite its gamability, and since we are committed from enabling our users to use their sdBAL as efficiently as they could do with veBAL, I believe we should reduce the sdBAL gauge vote rounds to 10 days.

This should enable sdBAL holders to increase their bribe revenues by 25% (get 5 weeks of bribe every 4 weeks).

However, it will probably need more active management for users not willing to delegate their voting power to the delegation for vote incentives optimisation.

Curious to get community feedback on this.


Hi, if my understanding is correct, due to a current weakness with HH voting process for Balancer gauges, a veBAL holder voting on HH for a gauge A will get the incentives for week1 and week2 from that gauge A but can vote on week2 for a gauge B with another platform such as Votemarket for example and get the incentives for week 2 from that gauge B. In fact, it is an opportunity for getting more incentives with the ability to ‘vote twice’ on week 2 (after the 10 days, as editing a pool can only be done once in 10 days on Balancer).
First, I think it is good to highlight this and share such information so that we can hope some actions can be taken by the key stakeholders to stop such a weakness. The knowers are sometimes more in favor to keep it for them only. Second, it is fair for Stake DAO to protect their users using sdBAL in putting them in equal position with other veBAL holders. Not going that way would directly penalize sdBAL holders.
With the hope that the current picture/weakness can be rectified in the future, I am in favor of this proposal. I am currently using delegation which is very efficient as we do get in rewards mainly SDT (not multiple tokens is dust quantities). So I am not impacted by the more active management it could imply.


Totally agree with you. We repeatedly disclosed the issue to all bribers, on Balancer discord, and on Twitter, so we can assume that now, people depositting on HH are ok with users doing this.
If we don’t do it, our bribes get diluted by the users who do it.

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support, hopefully it triggers a unified market