Add $MUST on Stake DAO


Add $MUST on Stake DAO: Snapshot


Add $MUST on Stake DAO
Token address: 0x9C78EE466D6Cb57A4d01Fd887D2b5dFb2D46288f
DuneAnalytics: /cdenoeud/cometh


To enable synergies between the two protocols and give StakeDAO users exposure to the Cometh platform.


  • Increased staking revenues for SDT holders
  • A new strategy for users to invest in



I just want to express a few points, not really agreeing or disagreeing with it in my vote, but to try and understand some things better.

  1. Shouldn’t we use this forum to discuss and clarify proposals before anyone creates an official vote ? For instance, in this topic, I do not know which way to cast my vote, despite knowing what $MUST and are, mainly because I don’t understand what “Add $MUST to Stake DAO” means.

  2. Is the proposal one to add a “Stake $MUST” button to the Staking list or is it something else entirely, such as a strategy to do something else ?

I think the right approach would be to explain first what a proposal should be about and only then create the official vote, so people can have as much info as possible on the proposals. Nevertheless, if the proposal is to add a button in the Staking tab, I’m obviously in for it.


Solid reply, we need more detail on why we should add $MUST to Stake DAO.

Why is this platform in particular appropriate for Stake DAO?

Perhaps we need to adjust the proposal template so all points are addressed.


Looks like some soft shilling :slight_smile:

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