Adjusting the AVAX Rush Incentives period

Retroactively reward the deposits in Avalanche strategies since the October, 18th (announcement on SD’s Medium) rather than since the December, 14th.

Rewarding more the StakeDAO supporters rather than the “APY hunters”.
Retroactively reward those who trusted StakeDAO enough to deposit in Avalanche strategies without knowing the allocation rules.

Spread the existing weekly allocation on a period starting from the 18th October.


  • Rewards existing StakeDAO x Avalanche supporters


  • Less incentives for APY hunters or people that will discover StakeDAO in the near future.

With the succes of the RUSH incentives on passive usd strat ($1.5m → $25m in 48h), I think we should limit this proposal to the arbitrage avax strat.

You should create a dedicated proposal.

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I think we should have a retroactive reward for both. I agree the early user must be rewarded. We have to find a way to balance between wales who can easily move their farm on different strategy and StakeDao supporter.

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