Arbitrum liquidity bootstrapping program

A few months ago, Stake DAO received an airdrop from the Arbitrum foundation of 75,000 ARB tokens. This airdrop was aiming to be used to bring liquidity and value to the Arbitrum chain.

Today, it’s time to start using our ARB tokens to increase our presence on the Arbitrum chain. Indeed, asdCRV has been deployed cross chain, including on arbitrum, and the full architecture is going to be working well together. Therefore, it is now the perfect timing to start deploying those incentives.

A first test in small size will be done to assess the reactivity of TVL on Arbitrum, and design our ARB incentive program efficiently. Then, we will soon come up with a plan to be voted on by the community on how we should spend those incentives.

In the meantime, this conversation is made to start debating the matter and propose solutions that we can then integrate into the proposal for the long term plan.

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