Basic question about inception and rewards from Aave USD passive strategy

Hi guys,

I’ve checked a bit around the forum to try to find the answer but i didn’t find it.
Or maybe it’s in the white paper i don’t know…

So here it is:
I’m in the Aave USD passive strategy (polygon) + LP farming
Let’s say the inception is 25% APY for sdam3CRV and 5% APY for SDT for the LP farming strategy.

For SDT, ok i can see how much i’ve already earned in the overview of my account.
But Where can I see how much i’m earning from the sdam3CRV 25% APY ?
In fact i don’t understand where the yield is represented: i mean when i’m gonna withdraw my sdam3CRV tokens from the strategy, do i have more am3CRV tokens ? Or is it when I withdraw the am3CRV tokens from the pool that I get more DAI (for instance) than the number i’ve initially deposited ?

I’m not sure i 'm clear lol (sorry).
For instance i clearly understand the sanctuary, you collect more SDT in the end with your collected xSDT because the SDT collected are increasing in comparison to the constant xSDT you can own.

Thx in advance.

So it’s all about fees earned in the Curve pool i guess (correct me if i’m wrong).
But is there any UI where you can follow your earnings into the Curve pool ?

Or is it that something that could be implemented in the overview in stakedao ?

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I got my answer going on a Discord channel.
So the fees are represented in the price value of the Curve pool. Got it now.

So is there any possibility to display the price value of the Curve pool in the stake dao overview and calculate the current earnings in the pool based on it ?