Bd proposal and ama request with clipfinance

Building Cross Chain yield farming infrastructures for
decentralized financial institutions.

Clip is building an infrastructure layer for cross-chain yield-generating products.

User experience focused diversified yield optimization protocol is the first product built on top of our infrastructure. With features like upfront fixed-rate yield, real-time rebalancing, and yield delegation coming soon after the launch.

Our docs:

We’d like to explore if you’d be interested in doing cross-community AMA and other joint efforts to introduce each other protocols to our communities. As we’re launching our utility NFTs prior to protocol, we can provide WL spots to your community. We can also explore cooperation past joint marketing efforts.

Happy to discuss further!



Don’t hesitate to stop by our tg chat so we can discuss

Alright thanks for the response, a member of the core team, Mikk will be in the best position to discuss that, cheers!