DemoDay Invitation - Showcase StakeDAO!

Good day StakeDAO!

We would be thrilled to invite your DAO to our DemoDay event to showcase the core functionality of StakeDAO!

Our DemoDays are online events that allow project builders to showcase their products through a pitch with video material, while in real-time well-known VCs follow the presentation, with the option to connect in one-on-one meetings, invest and/or donate through our grant system

Proud to share that forward-thinking VCs attend our DemoDay events as judges, such as Pantera Capital, Hypra, Huobi Incubator, NewTribe Capital, BigBrainHoldings and more!

Like at our previous DemoDays, the judges will grant votes to the showcasing projects!
At each event we’ve a prize pool of $2.000-50.000 which will be proportionally shared among the showcasing projects depending on the amount of votes they received!
A week after the event we’ll share a leaderboard of all participants and distribute the grant through our on-chain grant issuance system!

You can find here information about us, our platform and previous DemoDays to get a feeling of how we operate!

Currently participation at our event is totally free without any form of fees or costs from your side :slight_smile:

By joining our DemoDay event, you can showcase the core functionality of your project, win grant prices, form new synergies, accelerate participation and application at your infrastructure!

Would your DAO like to get involved and showcase StakeDAO at our DemoDay event?

You can reach out to me through Telegram @OKAYAOKYA