Enable SDT holders to stake on Polygon

Currently the participants in the Polygon Strategy + LP farming do not have the possibility to stake their SDT tokens in the Sanctuary and then the xSDT tokens in the Palace directly on Polygon.

Users have to bridge back the SDT tokens to Ethereum, which is not great in terms of UX and business case.

The proposal is pretty simple, users would be able to: stake their SDT tokens directly in the Sanctuary and their xSDT tokens in the Palace on matic Mainnet enabling them to have a single integrated user journey through the stakeDAO features.

As a user I had to reach out to reddit, and to this forum to make sure that this was not possible, which is further confusing for a new user. At the very least a small information should be displayed in both Sanctuary and Palace to inform that currently the SDT staking is only available on Ethereum.

I do not have the required technical knowledge to provide details about how to implement this feature in terms of code and deployment but I would be happy to help on any aspect of it, whether it is testing, specifying or whatever tasks you would benefit from.


  • Users can participate in Governance directly on L2 Polygon
  • Users do not have to pay bridge fees to earn xSDT and NFT points
  • Better User experience


  • Implementation risk and effort

Deeply expecting the possibility !


+1 Would be very appreciated !


Any news about his topic ?

Expecting this possibility as well ! Is there any progress ?
This could boost TVL.
The DAO should not remain a sanctuary of few billionaires.


This would be greatly appreciated on Polygon, and would prevent some selling pressure. Let’s give a way larger set of users the chance to participate in governance


Expecting as well! any progress here ?

+1 this would be nice to have this feature

+1 still needed - would like to see more of the platforms offerings on Polygon