Funds locked in legacy platform

I have funds locked and I can’t seem to find the way to get them released from the legacy platform. I was able to remove from the LP contract, but they are still locked. I tried to join the discord, but got an error.

hey ser. feel free to reach out to us in telegram if you’re having an issue joining discord. you’ll need to migrate these to sdCRV first, then you can either stake them, withdraw into CRV or whatever you wish. what is your username on discord and i can see why you may not be able to join?

my username is brian_t_in_sd.
I do not see an option to withdraw.

You will need to first unstake your tokens ser. You can do this from the strategies tab. Click on strategies, then on LP farming and you’ll see the option under perpetual passive to unstake. do so, then you can migrate your sdvecrv tokens to sdcrv and either stake or withdraw on the new UI here Stake DAO | CRV Liquid Locker . and as i said, feel free to join our discord or telegram and reach out there as well for help.

I do not have the option to unstake and it is not showing my CRV. I think I may have unstaked already. I do not show the LP token in my wallet, I show CRV staked.

I see this under passive strategies on the legacy platform.

follow the link above ser and you can migrate your sdvecrv-dao over to sdcrv.

here Stake DAO | CRV Liquid Locker, the same link in the SS you posted above.

what do I do on that page, when I connect my wallet, I do not see any options to unstake or withdraw anywhere.

I see this on the page.

When I go to the lockers page, I show zero assets or any ability to claim or unstake.

click on mint and choose the option to mint sdcrv with sdvecrv. it may be easier for you to reach out to us on discord or telegram ser. please do that.