Implement button to directly add the tokens to metamask

Currently the users have to search for smart contract addresses and add manually the tokens to their metamask. This is tedious and will be more and more tedious with additional LP farming and strategies possibilities.

Users have to search on Polygon and Ethereum the right smart contract and then add those manually into their Metamasks. It is a tedious process and bad user experience.

The proposal is pretty simple, users would be able to click on a button in each strategy and LP farming opportunity “add token to Metamask”, clicking on the button would open Metamask and propose to the user to add the right token to the wallet.

The button would automatically fetch the necessary information (smart contract address) and populate it into metamask, saving the user the pain of finding the right smart contract address.

This is a nice to have feature but would represent one step forward to mass adoption and ease of use for regular users.


  • Users can add the management of a token to their metamask in one click


  • Implementation effort