Integrate OpenOcean on StakeDao

Hey everyone, my name is guy and Im BD for OpenOcean.

Just reaching out to see if there was any interest of integrating OpenOcean with StakeDao. We’re primarily the widest reaching dex aggregator but we’re so much more than that with cross-chain swaps, decentralised limit orders, perp futures and a DAO.

“OpenOcean is the widest reaching DEX aggregator in crypto, aggregating more dexes and more networks than any other platform, 20 chains and over 280+ liquidity sources.
We were recently featured on DeFi Llama’s meta aggregator and have been relentlessly shipping.”

Some of our recent prominent partners include Gains Network, Lido, Curve, Symbiosis, ZKSync and Near, TraderJoe, Uniswap, Pancake Swap and GMX.

Currently when people use StakeDao but don’t have the correct tokens, you have to leave the site to get them. This is where we come in, with the powerful OpenOcean widget you can transform each token page by being able to access liquidity from within StakeDao.

Let’s take USDC for example, I only have USDT, if I leave and go to another site I might not come back, get distracted or find other opportunities. We have a fully customisable widget which just plugs into all the existing aggregated liquidity available. This can even be revenue generating for you if you wish.

If StakeDao were to build out its own swap feature, OpenOcean has the perfect and most flexible API in the space. We’re on our third version and it’s one of our most used services.

We don’t charge anything for integrations, all of our tools are free to use. Would be great getting the communities feedback on plugging into millions of on-chain liquidity. We ofc would be happy to introduce you to any of our contacts as well as participate in co-marketing activities such as AMA’s and interviews.

Check out our twitter -

Check out our latest podcast with Andre from Fantom - Vertical Blocks: Episode 14 feat. OpenOcean - YouTube

Looking forward to hearing from you all,



We don’t have a swap feature so far. Can you pop up in the Stake DAO HQ telegram so we can discuss a bit further before finalising a proposal?