March 2024 activity report


  • OnlyBoost deployed
  • First month of activity of the StakeDAO Association as benevolent service provider to the DAO


March retrospective

  • Deployed OnlyBoost
  • Shipped OnlyBoost UI
  • Migrated all the strategies to the new architecture for massive gas cost improvement and better security
  • Migrated all the accumulators to the new architecture
  • Deployed trisdCRV pool on Arbitrum
  • Bridge UI for Stake DAO assets
  • TopCake referral system

Focus for April

  • New Votemarket analytics
  • Deploy a Fraxtal FXS locker
  • If possible deploy Votemarket on Fraxtal
  • Integrate point accounting for Ethena and LRTs
  • Votemarket cross-chain
  • New accumulator for Curve to adapt for new fee receiver
  • IFO Cake strategy
  • vsdCRV voting on Arbitrum

Business development

March retrospective

  • asdCRV/CRV Ajna lending pool on Ethereum
  • Delivered superior return to Aave liquidity committee (29% APR for their sdCRV bag v/s 19% APR for their cvxCRV bag)

Focus for April

  • Helping Aave acquire some SDT or veSDT boost, and convert to sdCRV their cvxCRV bag
  • Llamalend asdcrv pool
  • Selling Onlyboost
  • Selling our Pendle locker


[Stake DAO treasury](


StakeDAO Association report

  • Legal costs of March as well as domiciliation costs will be charged in April, for a total amount around $20k.

Legal & Governance

March retrospective

  • Decision on the future multisig structure
  • Grant allocated to StakeDAO Association
  • Migration of FXN Vote Bounty Manager

Focus for April

  • Commercial registration of the Association
  • Team alignment proposal
  • Recovery of missing Foundation funds
  • Multisig signers elections

Congrats everyone! Every report is packed with new products, new features, and positive updates about the Association’s setup.


Well done guys! Good to demonstrate higher returns to Aave with sdCRV > cvxCRV. Another month of impressive expansion and innovation.


Love these monthly updates. Thanks for taking the time to produce them Hubert.

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