Minimum threshold of 1% on the gauge vote


This proposal aims to set a 1% threshold for gauge votes to be passed on.


To ensure a smooth and reliable execution of gauge votes, and limit the (already very high) recurring gas costs of the protocol, this proposal suggests setting a minimum of 1% for gauge votes to be passed on.


Currently, users that deposit their TOKENs into Liquid Lockers and stake them into the reward contract can vote for gauges and on governance proposals of the underlying protocol but also boost their voting power on gauges and governance proposals if they own veSDT.
However, in addition to being time-consuming, very low-level votes can in the long run prove to be expensive and not profitable for the DAO.

Setting a minimum threshold would obviously maintain the user’s right to vote on gauges and governance and would also benefit the DAO which will only pay gas fees on the most popular pools.

  • Yes, accept the 1% threshold on gauges vote
  • No, reject the 1% threshold on gauges vote
  • Abstain

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