Multisig signers election

Following SDGP#33 and as per the agreed multisig structure, community members are asked to submit their application to become signers in Stake DAO’s multisigs. The initial step involves proceeding with the main multisig election, followed by the validation of Emergency DAO members at a later stage. This sequence is planned to allow for a decision on the technical solution for on-chain governance.


Individuals elected will initially serve as signers within the current Stake DAO multisig framework, and then, after the full new multisig structure is implemented, only to the treasury multisigs (so elected members won’t have any kind of control on Stake DAO’s smart contracts).

Elected members are mandated to support the DAO in its treasury management operations, with the objective to facilitate the DAO’s treasury and maintain its strategic goals (e.g. supporting liquidity for Stake DAO products), and the clear request to adhere to the community goals, comply with industry standards and best practices, and maintain transparency. More precise guidelines will be published soon by StakeDAO Association as a comment to this post.

In its current state, the number of transactions to sign per week is relatively high, and applicants need to be ready to verify and sign several transactions per day. This will also include transactions on the weekend.

No compensation

Participation as the DAO’s multisig signer is purely voluntary and uncompensated, though gas expenses will be covered by the DAO.

Who can participate?

This election is open to any community member willing to contribute to Stake DAO’s community and support the DAO growth and development. This initiative reflects Stake DAO’s commitment to fostering an open and inclusive environment where every member has the opportunity to contribute.

Application format

The DAO requests 5 permanent members and 3 potential replacements.

All applications will be published as an answer to this post.

Applicants need to state:

  • Name or pseudo
  • Telegram or Twitter handle
  • Ethereum address
  • Optional: a little sentence / text of presentation
  • Disclosure of any conflict of interest they might have (participation in other projects’ multisig for example), to ensure alignment of interest, as well as fairness and integrity in the election process.

Applications must be submitted within the next 7 days after the guidelines’ publication in the forum, after which we will proceed to the election.

Voting method

Following the application phase, the election will be conducted as a normal SDGP using a ranking voting method to ensure a democratic and transparent selection process. This method allows community members to prioritize their choices among the candidates, facilitating a clear and fair outcome. The top five candidates will be elected as permanent members, with the subsequent three serving as alternates, ensuring a robust governance structure for Stake DAO.


Below are the newly established guidelines for the multisig signers at Stake DAO.
The goal is to ensure transparency, security, and effective governance. Your active engagement is highly appreciated.

Stake DAO Multisig Signers: Community Guidelines


In the spirit of transparency, accountability, and shared governance, the Stake DAO Association introduces these Guidelines for the DAO Multisig Signers. Our aim is to ensure that the operations and decisions facilitated by these signers are in strict adherence to the principles of decentralization, legal compliance, and the collective best interest of the Stake DAO community.

These Guidelines are designed to establish clear expectations, foster an environment of trust, and promote the efficient management of Stake DAO’s assets while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Eligibility and Selection

Multisig signers are elected from the Stake DAO community, adhering to a transparent and democratic governance process.

Eligible candidates are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and must demonstrate a commitment to Stake DAO’s values and objectives.

Roles and Responsibilities

- Transaction Verification:

Multisig signers are responsible for diligently verifying the validity and compliance of transactions before approval.

- Operational Execution:

Signers will oversee the DAO’s asset transactions in alignment with the community’s strategic objectives and governance protocols.

- Compliance and Ethics:

Signers must commit to acting ethically, acting in the DAO’s best interest, and complying with relevant laws and regulations. They are tasked with verifying transaction validity, upholding privacy standards, overseeing asset management in line with strategic goals, and adhering to ethical and legal standards.

Operational Guidelines

- Security Practices:

Signers are expected to maintain high standards of security in the management of keys and execution of transactions to protect the DAO’s assets from unauthorized access or theft.

- Transparency:

All transactions and decisions must be documented and made accessible to the Stake DAO community, ensuring transparency in governance.

- Conflict Resolution:

Any disputes or disagreements among signers should be resolved through predefined protocols or community arbitration to maintain operational continuity.

- Crisis Management and Emergency Protocols

Protocols for crisis management will be defined (including the implementation of an Emergency DAO, as detailed in SDGP#33) detailing communication strategies and emergency actions to protect the DAO’s assets and operations during crises**.**

Liability and Indemnification

Signers act in a fiduciary capacity and are expected to perform their duties in the DAO’s best interest. The DAO shall indemnify signers against claims arising from actions taken in good faith while performing their roles, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Regulatory Compliance

Signers are required to stay informed about and ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to financial regulations, anti-money laundering (AML) standards, and data protection laws.

The DAO commits to regular reviews and updates of these Guidelines to adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes.

Data Privacy

In handling personal data or sensitive information, signers must comply with global data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA), ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of member data.

Amendment and Governance

These Guidelines may be updated or amended based on the DAO’s evolving needs, regulatory changes, or community feedback. Any changes will undergo community review in line with the DAO’s governance standards.


Stake DAO’s Multisig Signers play a pivotal role in the stewardship of the DAO’s resources and governance. Through adherence to these Guidelines, aims to foster an environment of trust, responsibility, and collective success.

We welcome the active engagement and oversight of the entire Stake DAO community to uphold these standards and drive our shared vision forward.

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I am willing to offer my application to be a signer in the Stake DAO multisig.

  • Name: Hubert
  • tg: @hubirb
  • Signer address: 0x02e4De712d99f4B1b1e12aa3675D8b0A582caA5D
  • I have been a member and active contributor to Stake DAO since the middle of 2021, and I am currently a signer of the multisig. I am also executive of the board of the StakeDAO Association, and I contribute to Stake DAO as a project manager, researcher, and business developper.
  • I am also a signer in Convergence’s SDT locking multisig. I do not see this a conflict but more a protection, to make sure Convergence is not acting against the interest of Stake DAO. I also used to be a signer of the Moneta multisig (because they were users of sdCRV and veSDT), but I am not anymore since they stopped their activity and sold their sdCRV.


  • Name: chago0x
  • Telegram: @chago0x
  • Signer address: 0x20aCB38B9268F694657EbefcD2aC9bCb8A103D2e
  • Background: I am currently a signer of the Stake DAO Multisig. I have been contributing to Stake DAO for over a year, focusing on Communications, Operations, and Business Relations.
  • Other roles: I also serve as a signer in Convergence’s SDT locking multisig to ensure Convergence acts in the best interest of Stake DAO. Additionally, I am a signer in the BOBRCRV Multisig, a fun project within the Curve Ecosystem.

Name: Lucas
Telegram: @Lucas_Ramadour
Signer Address: 0xb2cca3D5C2F5B20c2dA818d55c93eE9F9b9b39B1
Role within Stake DAO: Developper, since more than 2 years, trying to build the best product for Stake DAO community, therefore I want to be contributing in the StakeDAO Multisig, as I’ve been for the past few months.



  • Name: Warren
  • Twitter: @warrenception
  • Signer address: 0x88883560AD02A31D299865B1fCE0aaF350AaA553
  • Background: Leading smart contracts efforts for over a year now at Stake DAO. Would be happy to keep contributing as signer in the Stake DAO Multisig.


  • Name: Quentin
  • Telegram: @Lao0ni
  • Signer address: 0x1fF4CE381E38cD6469b0f67703E667C861e1Eb43
  • Background: I have worked as a smart contract/backend developer for Stake DAO for 9 months, trying to deliver the best quality stuff since then. I want to keep contributing as a signer for the Multisig.


Name: Andrea
X: @PumpkingWok
Signer address: 0xAa80eB390303B33c89cfF979279E36663843D632
Background: I have contributed to Stake DAO for 3 years, as smart contract developer, and i’m willing to contribute as signer as well, in the Stake DAO main multisig.



  • Name: Pierre
  • Twitter: @MarsotP
  • Signer address: 0xb4d27B87A09aB76C47e342535A309A1176051481
  • Background: Front-end and back-end developer at Stake DAO for more than two years. Would be happy to keep contributing as signer in the Stake DAO Multisig.


  • Pseudo: 0xVe
  • Twitter: @0xVe_
  • Signer address: 0x07c2D0E24530199e2c9A15bfeD4496d8E3798003
  • Background: Working as frontend developer at Stake DAO. Would be happy to contribe as signer in the Stake DAO Multisig.


Name : PilotVietnam
Telegram : @jpk1080
Signer Address : 0x580F3A8934BA27cFcA9e8f969704aa5397147804
Role within Stake DAO : Contributor since the launch of Stake DAO in Jan. of 2021. I take on several roles, both with Stake DAO and Curve Finance, mostly on the community front. I am involved in multiple groups/multi sigs across the ecosystem and always have Stake DAO’s best interest at heart. I will continue to serve the Stake DAO community in every way I can, and will remain loyal until the end.



Name : Lucio
Telegram : @MASLucio1
Signer Address : 0x5295B9Ba56594c9fF1E9BE43409dCe064cda901b
Profile : I am a retired person who has been a senior executive combining sales, finance and management leadership positions in IT business, working for american and japanese companies. I started in audit and consulting activities within a large audit firm. My experience with Stake DAO is simply a user experience, since May 2021. I have seen the resilience of the team and the strong progress made since its vision and implementation of the liquid lockers. I would be pleased to contribute as a signer in the Stake DAO multisig, not necessarily as a permanent member but more in one of the 3 positions of replacements.


Hey everyone,

The vote is over, snapshot doesn’t allow us to clearly see the result so needed a bit of treatment. I did it on this link.
The result I come up to is the following:

Please let me know if you disagree with the calculation method.
We will start the implementation now, but if there is any problem with the calculation we can always come back to it.

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