Phi <> StakeDAO

Hi members,

We have a super exciting opportunity to give all of you a way to visualise your DAO contributions on PhiLand.

Phi ( is an immersive web3 social platform to showcase on-chain identities which are created by tracking on-chain/off-chain wallet activities.

Here are the type of quests we can track for you on-chain and reward each of you with Stake DAO themed Phi Objects:

  1. Stake x amount of governance tokens in Liquid Lockers
  2. Stake x amount of LP tokens in Liquid Lockers
  3. Lock x amount of SDT to boost personal yield and power
  4. Vote x times on governance proposals (another suggestion)

We believe this collaboration will allow all of you to get rewarded for your DAO contributions, will help StakeDAO further increase its activity and also gives an opportunity for DAO members to give positive feedback.

If you would like to learn more about us and this proposal, we have curated a slide deck for you :slight_smile: Partnership - Stake DAO

The Phi Team

Interesting proposal.
Any way to track what was the outcome for other protocols?
Looks like a fun marketing option