Reward/slashing system for proposal making


Introducing a system of reward and slashing attached to proposals would be an interesting way to get the herd involved in the governance of the DAO.


Many like to see their yield growing, new features that makes their bag grow, but don’t think that much about getting involved into proposals for the community.
Creating a pool designed to incentive good proposals could be a nice way to involve the community by turning apes into a nice herd of elephants.

With rights come responsibilities, this function should also have a system of slashing bad proposals that fail to the vote or don’t get a sufficient amount of votes.

When submitting a proposal, the user would have to bond an amount of SDT of his own, a percentage (or total) of this amount would be used to reward/slash at the end of the voting period.

Once initialized, this pool of SDT could be self sufficient with new SDT coming from

  • A small percentage on strategies
  • Amount from the slashed proposals

This functionality would be more suitable if the Quoroum proposal was implemented first, to avoid user making mistakes by submitting a slashable proposal.

Any point of this proposal can be discussed by the community.


Engagement of the community is a key to a sustainable DAO, this proposal intends to increase commitment of the community in the governance.


More motivation from the herd to participate in the governance
Good quality in proposal submitted by the community


Slashing a proposal could scare some and prevent them to post


for me the argument against outweights the for. Give an incentive for writing proposals, maybe only if accepted, seems fine to me but slashing if it’s rejected would discourage people to participate, and just because it was rejected doesn’t mean it was bad work.


That’s pretty right, there could be ways to mitigate that:

  • let voters choose if the proposal deserves a reward/slash
  • let the reward only come from voters but it will most likely not be used
  • no slash at all, but this would involve injecting a bigger part from strategies

I think keeping a reward system simple should be the main priority.

Rewards for accepted proposals are a good incentive for more participation. If this results in spam (unlikely, because there is no benefit in proposing a proposal that has no chance of getting accepted) one could always introduce a slashing mechanism at a later stage.

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