SDGP#1: Q2 DAO Expenses

Stake DAO keep growing on all fronts: TVL, number of verticals, contributor head count
Operational costs are steadily increasing. This is a good problem to have, as a barometer of our success, but it means we will need to stay organized, strategic, and transparent in our spending.

This proposal outlines in detail the estimated DAO costs for Q2 2022. Going forward, we will publish these expense reports on a regular basis as we push to develop best-in-class operational practices.

Send funds from the Treasury Multisig to pay for the DAO expenses for April/May/June : Infrastructure, Legal & Tax, Events, Admin & Tooling, Marketing and Contributor rewards.

This proposal seeks approval for the DAO expenses for Q2 2022.

Mainnet expenses:

IT & Tech Infrastructure:

All IT & Tech infrastructure will be provided as a service by an external partner focused on Administration and maintaining. As expected last month, and because of a higher validators amount to bootstrap our Staking-as-a-Service Offering and our Arbitrage Strategies on Avalanche, the budget required for the next quarter has increased, from now, for this expense the budget is 312,000 USDC/quarter.

E.g: AWS, Vercel, Github, and other tools and services needed by the DAO.

  • Servers infrastructure estimated cost: 104,000 USDC/month
  • Admin & Tooling costs: 14,200 USDC/month
  • Reserve (10%): 11,800 USDC/month

Total IT & Infrastructure Q2 budget: 390,000 USDC


As the DAO competes against other significant players, events are needed to raise awareness and improve our market presence. For the events, the estimated expense is 78,000 USDC/quarter.

  • Events estimated cost : 26,000 USDC/ month
  • Reserve (10%): 2,600 USDC/ month

Total events Q2 budget: 85,800 USDC


In order to improve the marketing around Stake DAO and the liquid lockers,the marketing and communication budget is increased to 30,000/Quarter.

  • Marketing estimated cost: 10,000 USDC/month
  • Communication estimated cost (audio/video/PR): 2600 UDC/month
  • Reserve (10%) :1260 USDC/month

Total marketing and communication Q2 budget: 41,580 USDC


The audit costs are estimated to 60,000 USDC/quarter, however the cost can change depending on the complexity:

  • Audits estimated cost: 58,500 USDC to pay in April
  • Reserve (10%): 5,850 USDC

Total audits Q2 budget : 64;350 USDC

Polygon expenses:

Contributors rewards:

The rewards are estimated to 159,675 sdam3CRV/quarter for the DAO contributions:

  • Contributors rewards estimated: 53,225 sdam3CRV/month
  • Reserve in case of new hires (up to + 25%): .13,300 sdam3CRV/month

Total contributors Q2 budget: 199,600 sdam3CRV.

Total DAO estimated cost for Q2 2022: 688,649 USDC

Reserve for Q2 2022: 92,800 USDC

The reserve should be kept in USDC on Aave in case there’s a need for it.

Should we implement SDGP#1 ?

  • Yes, accept the DAO expenses
  • No, refuse the DAO expenses
  • Abstain

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Total Q2 costs are 688,649 (not 582,199)

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