#SDGP 11- Remove BlackPool Liquid Locker from the SDT Gauge

Summary :
This proposal aims to rule out BlackPool Liquid Locker from the SDT gauge.


Since its introduction, the BlackPool Liquid Locker has been receiving rewards from the SDT weekly allocation votes.

After weeks of SDT rewards, we’ve found that this emission through BlackPool Liquid Locker has represented a financial loss for the DAO.

In fact, while BlackPool SDT rewards amounts to $3,200 per month, the BlackPool Liquid Locker brings $120 per /month to the DAO.

Removing BlackPool Liquid Locker from SDT gauge would save $ 38,4000 of incentives per year. Those could be redistributed between the rest of the Liquid Locker especially those (where the DAO earns performance fees and which are being more profitable to the DAO.

Human resources: Minimal developer time needed
Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed

Technical Implementation:
Remove BlackPool Liquid Lockers contract from the SDT gauge controller.

Proposal specifications:
Admin: veSDT holders
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting Duration: 5 days