SDGP #12 : Reduce Stake DAO on-chain governance quorum to 10%

Summary :
This proposal aims to reduce the quorum for Stake DAO on-chain votes to 10%.


Stake DAO on-chain governance allows users who hold 2,500 veSDT to propose any Stake DAO strategy to the SDT gauge controller. Users who hold veSDT can then use their voting power to exercise their votes on these user-proposed votes to add SDT rewards to new strategies.

So far, we have seen votes struggling to reach the 20% quorum, which lead to users not trying anymore to push gauge votes. To ensure a more efficient decentralisation of the protocole, and that the on-chain governance doesn’t represent a blocker for Stake DAO’s development, we propose reducing the current quorum to 10%.

Means: Resources needed for this proposal
Human resources: Limited work (passing a transaction to modify quorum)

Technical implementation:
Admin: veSDT holders
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting Duration: 5 days

Voting option:

  • Yes, reduce on-chain governance quorum to 10%.
  • No, don’t reduce on-chain governance quorum to 10%.
  • Abstain

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Good idea! 20% seems really a bit high.