#SDGP 14- Remove stETH gauge from the SDT gauge controller

Summary :

This proposal aims to rule out Remove stETH gauge from the SDT gauge controller.


Since its introduction, the stETH curve gauge has been receiving rewards from the SDT weekly allocation veSDT votes.

As Stake DAO perf fees are only on CRV tokens for Curve strategies and because the stETH only relies on LIDO rewards to generated yield, Stake DAO does not earn anything out of that strategy.

Removing stETH gauge from the SDT gauge controller would let veSDT holders to redirect SDT incentives towards strategies aligned with the DAO interets (where the DAO earns performance fees and which are being more profitable to the DAO).

In the future, if the stETH curve gauge start receiving again some CRV, an onchain vote can be pushed to add the stETH gauge back to the the SDT gauge controller


Human resources: Minimal developer time needed

Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed

Technical Implementation:

Remove stETH curve gauge from the SDT gauge controller and set to 0 veSDT votes

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 5 days

  • Yes, remove it
  • No, don’t remove it
  • Abstain

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