SDGP-22 Leveraging the Vote Bounty Manager, Stake DAO newest product, for sdTKN/TKN Pools Votes Bounties and Demonstrating its Utility


This proposal suggests redirecting SDT incentives towards creating vote bounties for sdTKN/TKN pools on Curve and Balancer. Stake DAO has developed the “Vote Bounty Manager” (VBM) to automate these votes bounties. This proposal aims to utilize this tool for vote bounties, showcasing its utility. The process involves setting old sdTKNTKN gauges to weight 0, adding new sdTKNTKN votes bounties gauges created through the Vote Bounty Manager to the SDT Gauge Controller, and seeding these bounties with a 50,000 SDT budget.

Stake DAO’s use of the Vote Bounty Manager (VBM) serves as a model to present the tool to other DAOs, promoting innovation, user-friendly governance, and community engagement.

How the Vote Bounty Manager (VBM) Operates:

The VBM simplifies the process of creating and managing vote bounties. Here’s how it works:

VBM Creation: Managers create the VBM, similar to setting up a vote bounty on VoteMarket. However, instead of specifying a fixed vote bounty duration, they select a “target duration.” All other parameters, such as maximum vote price, blacklist settings, and token rewards, remain the same.

Funding the VBM: The VBM’s manager can either send tokens directly to the VBM or establish a continuous token stream (from a Gauge Controller for example), ensuring a consistent supply of tokens for vote bounty rewards.

Updating the Vote Bounty: The VBM includes a public function “updateBounty” which can be called regularly, for example, every Thursday. When an update occurs, a number of periods are added to the ongoing vote bounty to match the “target duration”.

Token Distribution: During each update, all tokens within the VBM are transferred to the vote bounty. These tokens are distributed evenly across all periods.



Stake DAO’s commitment to automation and decentralization is evident with the introduction of the "Vote Bounty Manager” (VBM). This tool streamlines the creation and management of vote bounties. Redirecting SDT incentives towards sdTKN/TKN pool vote bounties demonstrates Stake DAO’s provides an opportunity to showcase the utility of the Vote Bounty Manager (VBM) and improves Liquid Locker’s liquidity.

Implementation Details:

  • Set Old sdTKNTKN votes bounties Gauges to Weight 0: In the SDT gauge controller, old sdTKNTKN gauges will be set to weight 0 to stop directing incentives to outdated gauges.

  • Add New sdTKNTKN VBM Gauges created: Utilize the VBM to create and manage sdTKNTKN vote bounties and allow veSDT holders to vote for it throught adding them to the SDT Gauge Controller.

  • Seed Vote Bounties with 50,000 SDT: Allocate a 50,000 SDT budget to seed these sdTKNTKN bounties.

Demonstrating Utility:

  • Stake DAO’s use of the Vote Bounty Manager showcases its innovative approach to governance and votes bounty involvement.

  • By documenting success, sharing case studies, and initiating collaborations, Stake DAO can present the Vote Bounty Manager to other DAOs.

  • This positions Stake DAO as a model for efficient governance, user-friendliness, and community engagement.

Proposal Specifications:

  • Admin: veSDT holders
  • Community Feedback: Minimum 2 days.
  • Voting Duration: 5 days.

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