SDGP-26 Simplification of Proposal Categories into a Unified SDGP Framework


This proposal suggests consolidating the current SDIP, SDIR, and SDGP categories into a single, streamlined Stake DAO Governance Proposal (SDGP) category to simplify governance processes.

Detailed Description:

In an effort to simplify the governance process within Stake DAO, this proposal recommends the unification of the existing proposal categories—SDIP (Improvement Protocol), SDIR (Integration Request), and SDGP (Governance Proposal)—into a single category: SDGP (Stake DAO Governance Proposal). The intention is to reduce complexity, align governance activities under a cohesive structure, and enhance community participation.

The unified SDGP category will encompass all aspects of the previous categories, including protocol improvements, integrations, and common governance motions. This change aims to make the proposal process more accessible to veSDT holders, ensuring that governance remains agile and responsive to the needs of the Stake DAO community.

Under the proposed unified SDGP framework, the following specifications will apply:

  • Admin: All proposals will be administered by veSDT holders, ensuring that those with a vested interest in the protocol have control over its governance decisions.

  • Community Feedback: Each proposal will require a minimum of 3 days for community feedback on the governance forum. This period allows veSDT holders to deliberate, suggest modifications, and reach a consensus before the voting process begins.

  • Voting Duration: The voting on proposals will last for 7 days, giving veSDT holders ample time to participate in the decision-making process.

  • Quorum: A minimum quorum of 15% is required for a proposal to be considered valid. This ensures that a significant portion of the community is involved in decision-making, leading to outcomes that more accurately reflect the collective will of the veSDT holders.


Human resources: Minimal time needed
Treasury resources: N/A
Technical Implementation: N/A

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting Duration: 5 days


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