SDGP- 9┃Create a “BRIBES” gauge in the lockers SDT gauge controller

Protocol name: STAKE DAO


We propose to create a “BRIBES” gauge in the lockers gauge controller to increase the liquidity of sdTKN/TKN pools, and therefore the voting and revenue boost of lockers.

sdTKNs currently have limited liquidity (10% of the supply for sdCRV, 20% for sdFXS, 12% for sdANGLE, 8% for sdBAL). This leads to the fact that big investors struggle investing large amounts in the locker, and more importantly, to a reduction of boost for sdTKN stakers. If we want to accelerate our locking rate, we need sdTKN voting power to be attractive, especially for sdCRV and sdBAL where the bribe market is very active. During the community discussion on the sdTKN liquidity program topic (sdTKN liquidity program), we received many feedbacks, notably the fact that taking a fee on bribes to incentivise liquidity would make sdTKN voting power even less attractive. This is probably a good long term solution, but not designed to bootstrap the liquidity in these early days.


We propose including a new gauge in the lockers gauge controller that will accumulate SDT to fund bribing campaigns on sdTKN pools. The bribes would be managed by the core team. This is a solution that has been used by Frax and Angle for their liquidity and seems to be working efficiently.
To ensure this is efficient, we also propose increasing inflation towards the lockers gauge controller to 1 SDT per block, and inflation towards strategies to 1.5 SDT per block.


Human resources: Minimal developer time needed

Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed

Technical Implementation:

Create a “BRIBES” gauge in the lockers SDT gauge controller and adjust inflation.

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 5 days

  • Yes, create a “BRIBES” gauge
  • No, don’t create a “BRIBES” gauge
  • Abstain

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Hi, this is the best way the consensus can be reached for increasing sdTKN liquidity. In order to complete my/the level of information, would it be possible to summarize the inflation as is before the implementation of the proposal and as it will be after such implementation.

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This method has worked really well in attracting new lockers for Balancer. It should be hyper efficient with Lockers too!

We recently solidified our partnership with Stake DAO with a fee sharing system that should make Quest use the most competitive bribe funnel possible.

Looking forward to collaborate with the Stake team !


Hey Lucio,

Currently the inflation is as follows:

  • 0.6 SDT per block for the LL Strategies gauge controller
  • 0.4 SDT per block for the LL gauge controller
  • 0.06 SDT per block for the 2 Frax strats
  • 0.15 SDT per block for other v2 strategies
  • 0.1 SDT per block for NFT staking
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