SDGP-XX Remove SDT Rewards for the Liquid Locker Gauges to focus on Vote Bounty Manager (VBM) gauges


This proposal aims to cease the distribution of SDT rewards to the Liquid Locker gauges and let the veSDT holders direct the SDT inflation rewards to the newly created Vote Bounty Managers (VBM) to Liquid Locker liquidity.


Firstly, the current distribution of rewards in SDT to locker gauges accounts for a very small portion of the yield. Given this, redirecting these rewards to support sdTKNTKN liquidity would be a more efficient use of resources. Secondly, by focusing these rewards on sdTKNTKN liquidity, we can strengthen the stability and growth of the Liquid Lockers.

Implementation Details:

Remove sdTKN Gauges: In the SDT gauge controller, we will deactivate the sdTKN gauges by setting their weight to 0. This will halt the distribution of incentives to gauges.

veSDT holders will be able to vote for these incentives by adding them to the SDT gauge controller.

Proposal Specifications:

Administrators: veSDT holders
Community Feedback: Minimum 2 days.
Voting Duration: 5 days.

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