SDIP 21# APWine Liquid Lockers Emegency DAO

This proposal aims to create an Emergency DAO for APWine sdAPW/APW Liquid Lockers.

Context :
At the launch of the liquid lockers, the community raised a risk regarding the manipulation of votes by governance attacks via the metagovernance that the Liquid Lockers offer.

In order to reduce this risk as much as possible, the Stake DAO team put in place various means to prevent these dangers among others, the veSDT veto right, the time weighted average voting power mecanism, and the creation of an Emergency DAO. Seen as an additional means of guarding against malicious voting, the emergency DAO is currently another bulwark against malicious or suspicious voting.

Then every Liquid Lockers has its own emergency DAO able to close any vote that would seem malicious and not take it into account in the final result.

Stake DAO has launched APWine Liquid Lockers, so now, thanks to APW Liquid Lockers, sdAPW holders can participate in the governance of APWine and enjoy the benefits offered by the protocol.

In order to pursue this dynamic of reducing risks and offering a reliable product, naturally it has been agreed with the different actors of Stake DAO and APWine to create an Emergency dao able to close any vote that would seem malicious and not take it into account in the final result.

As the previous Emergency DAOs created, APWine Emergency DAO will be used to close a suspicious vote, in the medium term, the Emergency DAOs will have the power to kill a gauge like on Curve.

The APW emergency DAO will comprise 2 members from the underlying protocols, 2 members from Stake DAO, and 2 independent members from the ecosystem, as agreed upon by the 4 other members. An emergency DAO vote would require at least 4 votes to pass, Each member has one vote. Any member may propose a vote. All members of the emergency DAO may underline a mischievous vote.

APWine Emergency DAO Members :

  • Hubert (Stake DAO)

  • Pierre (Stake DAO)

  • Benjamin (Independant from Qidao)

  • Ulysse (APWine)

  • Gaspard (APWine)

  • Jesus Perez (Independant from Crypto plaza)

Voting options:

  • Yes, create APW Emergency DAO
  • No, don’t create APW Emergency DAO
  • Abstain

0 voters

Proposal Snapshot link: Snapshot