SDIR- 13┃Whitelist CELO to lock $SDT

Project presentation:

Protocol name: Celo


We propose to whitelist Celo on the Stake DAO Liquid Lockers to allow them to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.


Celo is a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Celo was designed to enable a new universe of financial solutions accessible for mobile users, creating a global financial ecosystem where an end-user can onboard into the Celo ecosystem with just a mobile number.

To benefit from the full utility of the CRV Liquid Locker, Celo wants to build a sdCRV position to vote efficiently on the Curve pools of their choice. To maximize the utility of the lockers and boost their sdCRV voting power, while keeping the security of a multisig, Celo requires whitelisted access to lock SDT tokens.

This will also allow them to re-stake CRV rewards into sdCRV, allowing them to further grow their sdCRV position and increase their voting power on Curve gauges directly from the Liquid Lockers platform.


Human resources: Minimal developer time needed.
Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed.

Technical Implementation:

Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist.

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 3 days

Voting Options:

  • Yes, whitelist Celo on Stake DAO
  • No, reject Celo whitelist
  • Abstain

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