SDIR-18┃Whitelist APWine DAO to lock $SDT

Project presentation:

Protocol name: APWine




We propose to whitelist APWine DAO Safe (0xDbbfc051D200438dd5847b093B22484B842de9E7) on the Stake DAO Liquid Lockers to allow them to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.


APWine is a DeFi protocol building derivatives and primitives on yield, including fixed rates and upfront yield.

During our Winelistings (used by the DAO to vote on yield generating strategies to be listed on the protocol), several StakeDAO strategies were added to the protocol.

A token swap has also taken place between APWine DAO and StakeDAO.

StakeDAO released a Liquid Locker for the veAPW token.

Following the swap, the DAO is interested in continuing on this collaboration by locking its SDT to vote on the Liquid Locker gauges.

The APWine DAO would like to be whitelisted to lock the SDT into veSDT via its multisig (0xDbbfc051D200438dd5847b093B22484B842de9E7) for the funds security and DAO ownership.


Human resources: Minimal developer time needed.

Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed.

Technical Implementation: Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist.

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 3 days


Link to token swap proposal :Snapshot and Snapshot.