SDIR #20 Whitelist Threshold Network to lock SDT

Project Presentation

Protocol Name: Threshold Network

Gitbook: threshold-network · GitHub




Proposal to whitelist Threshold Network on the Stake DAO Liquid Lockers to allow them to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.


Threshold is the first ever on-chain merge between two existing networks and communities, Keep and NuCypher. Threshold provides a suite of threshold cryptography services that power user sovereignty on the blockchain.

To diversify their Protocol Owned Liquidity, Threshold Network deployed part of their liquidity into the Stake DAO Liquid Lockers strategies :

To maximize the utility of the lockers, while keeping the security of a multisig, Threshold Network requires whitelisted access to lock SDT tokens.

This will help them to start building a sdCRV position to boost their APR with their CRV farmed through their LP position.

Locking SDT tokens farmed from their LP position on Curve will maximize their boost on their Curve Liquid Lockers position which occurred from their sdCRV position as mentioned previously.


Human Resources: Minimal developer time needed.

Treasury Resources: No treasury resources needed.

Technical Implementation: Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist.

Proposal Specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 3 days

  • Yes, whitelist Threshold Network
  • No, don’t whitelist Threshold Network
  • Abstain

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