SDIR - 27 : Whitelist Spiral DAO treasury multisig to lock $SDT

Project presentation:

Protocol name: SPIRAL DAO
Gitbook: Deployed Contracts - Spiral DAO
Discord: Spiral DAO


Allow Spiral DAO multisig in the whitelist to lock $SDT

Rationale :

To follow up on the process initiated with Spiral’s ITO as well as [SDIR-25] that requests the deployment of SDT rewards on COIL-FRAXBP strategy, we propose to whitelist Spiral Treasury multisig to allow the project to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.

This is also part of the strategic DeFi governance allocation built aside of the sdCRV position to boost APR, and receive rewards as sdCRV, allowing to vote directly on Curve gauges from the Liquid Lockers platform, further enhancing Spiral’s flywheel.

Human resources: Minimal developer time needed.
Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed.

Technical Implementation:
Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist.
Treasury Multisig address : 0xc47ec74a753acb09e4679979afc428cde0209639

Proposal specifications:
Admin: veSDT holders
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting Duration: 3 days

  • Yes, whitelist Spiral Multisig
  • No, don’t whitelist

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