SDIR-6┃Whitelist TOKEMAK to lock $SDT

Project presentation:
Protocol name: TOKEMAK
Audits: Audits/Network Security - Tokemak: The Utility for Sustainable Liquidity
Discord : Tokemak

We propose to whitelist TOKEMAK on Stake DAO Liquid Lockers to allow them to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.

TOKEMAK has supported Stake DAO in the last CORE #3 event to help Stake DAO obtain a reactor on TOKEMAK and now wants to use the Curve Liquid Lockers on Stake DAO.

In fact, TOKEMAK is entering the Curve ecosystem by creating Curve pools for their Token Reactors such as tACLX/ALCX, tFXS/FXS or tAPW/APW among others.

The bonds between TOKEMAK and Stake DAO are now extremely strong, and it can only be good to strengthen them further. Today, TOKEMAK would like to lock their SDT on Stake DAO to be able to boost their voting power and vote.

Indeed TOKEMAK wants to build a sdCRV position in the CRV Liquid Locker, which is what we have designed those lockers for. Therefore, it seems perfectly natural that TOKEMAK should have whitelisted access.

Human resources: Minimal developer time needed
Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed

Technical Implementation:
Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist

Proposal specifications:
Admin: veSDT holders
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting Duration: 3 days

Voting Options:

  • Yes, whitelist TOKEMAK on Stake DAO
  • No, reject TOKEMAK whitelist
  • Abstain

0 voters


Thank you for your support!
We’re eager to include StakeDAO in our strategies! :elephant:

Once Tokemak starts locking SDT, it will do so from its treasury address: 0x8b4334d4812C530574Bd4F2763FcD22dE94A969B