SDIR-9┃Whitelist TempleDAO to lock $SDT

Project presentation:
Protocol name: TempleDAO


We propose to whitelist TempleDAO on the Stake DAO Liquid Lockers to allow them to lock SDT and vote with veSDT.


TempleDAO was created to be a safe haven in a sea of risky assets, to facilitate long-term, stable wealth creation with a community-first mindset, and to elevate the overall DeFi experience for investors.

To benefit from the full utility of the CRV Liquid Locker, TempleDAO wants to build a sdCRV position to vote efficiently on the Curve pools of their choice. To maximize the utility of the lockers and boost their sdCRV voting power, while keeping the security of a multisig, TempleDAO requires whitelisted access to lock SDT tokens.

This will also allow them to re-stake CRV rewards into sdCRV, allowing them to further grow their sdCRV position and increase their voting power on Curve gauges directly from the Liquid Lockers platform.

TempleDAO is an important player in the FXS bribes market, whitelisting them to lock SDT for veSDT will also allow them to build a profitable sdFXS position in the future.


Human resources: Minimal developer time needed.

Treasury resources: No treasury resources needed.

Technical Implementation:

Update the SDT smart wallet whitelist.

Proposal specifications:

Admin: veSDT holders

Community feedback: 2 days minimum

Voting Duration: 3 days

Voting Options:

  • Yes, whitelist TempleDAO on Stake DAO
  • Yes, reject the TempleDAO whitelist
  • Abstain

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Hey, so… just realized I swung the vote on this one. I didn’t feel strongly about my stance one way or the other, but this happened to go to vote during ETH CC…. so I single-handedly moved this thing no?

Been a hectic stretch of time for all of us, but this should definitely go for a vote rerun if others feel strongly about it. I typically May blanket vote no if I’m unfamiliar w: something (or UST is in there lol).

Open to a TLDR, eli5 for/from Temple in general. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks a lot ser,
Personnally, I feel it would be amazing to onboard Temple. They have shown great interest in the lockers, and are also close to Frax. Also involved in the bribe game.

Indeed, ETH CC might be the reason of the low participation on this one. Think it makes sense to run the vote again to see if we can get a bigger quorum.

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