Stake DAO Association April 2024 Report


  • New Votemarket Analytics
  • Arbitrum sdCRV voting was enabled
  • Promising ramp up of Onlyboost TVL


April retrospective

  • New Votemarket analytics
  • Update sdCRV snapshot to include vsdCRV on Arbitrum
  • Improvements made to the automation
  • Deployed new Curve factory
  • Llamalend strategies UI

Focus for May

  • Redeployment of Votemarket cross chain
  • Possibility to take part in IFOs for sdCAKE holders
  • Non v3 strategies on Stake DAO PancakeSwap
  • Cross chain strategies on Stake DAO PancakeSwap
  • Fraxtal FXS locker
  • Revamping of Pendle voter rewards distribution

Business development

April retrospective

  • Updated Defillama TVL
  • Submitted Arbitrum STIP Bridge grant request
  • Updated the Arbitrum grant Dune dashboard
  • 1m additional CRV migrated from cvxCRV to sdCRV by Aave
  • sdCRV repeg
  • Deployed the Arbitrum asdCRV/CRV Ajna pool
  • Increased the TVL of Arbitrum pool to $700k
  • Onlyboost inflows: $8m
  • Main Onlyboost strategies:
    • crvUSD/tBTC/wsteth ($1.5m, 17% of Curve TVL)
    • Llamalend crvUSD - WETH collateral ($1.3m, 15% of Curve TVL)
    • USDT/crvUSD ($1.1m, 11% of Curve TVL)
    • CRV/sdCRV ($0.7m, 37% of Curve TVL)
    • ETH+/WETH ($0.7m, 28% of Curve TVL)
      • With this approach, on those 5 strats only, Stake DAO is exposed to 1.4% of total CRV emissions

Focus for May

  • asdCRV llamalend on Arbitrum
  • Grow further the Arbitrum TVL
  • Receive an STIP bridge grant and finish distributing the STIP grant
  • Onlyboost expansion with focus on the following gauges:
    • MIM/3CRV (5% of CRV emissions)
    • OETH and OUSD pools (3% of CRV emissions)
    • Tricrypto pools (9% of CRV emissions)
    • pyUSD/crvUSD


[Stake DAO treasury](

  • Market drop (in particular for CRV) severely hit the treasury value in April


  • CRV drop led to decrease in Votemarket and farming revenues which armed the DAO’s profitability.

Association grant use report

  • The cost reduction efforts led by the Association enabled it to save $45k since the initial attribution of the grant. However, a c.$30k legal cost payment is expected to occur in the next month.

Legal & Governance

April retrospective

  • Multisig signer election was performed and executed
  • STIP bridge grant request was submitted

Focus for May

  • Commercial registration of the Association
  • Bank account
  • Team alignment proposal
  • Recovery of missing Foundation funds
  • veSDT rewards proposal
  • SDT liquidity proposal

Thank you as always for the report. Onlyboost growth looks promising!

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