Stake DAO <> Grindery

Hi folks, I’ve been reading into your Liquid Lockers project, and it’s impressive. I’m not sure I understand the gauge weight and curve finance, but that’s OK. That’s your area of specialty.

I’m with and we’re building reusable tools for DAOs - think Zapier for Web3. We would love to work with Stake DAO. We have a partnership with the people at Polygon, so I’m reaching out to DAOs on their network.

We’re looking to talk to active DAOs to collect product feedback. We want to make sure what we’re building would be useful for you folks.

We’ve also got a grant program with our funding from Binance to help build these tools for DAOs. Would love to know if this interests you. We can set up a telegram group with you and our core team to facilitate the conversation.

Reply and let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get things started.