Stake DAO Latino

Hello elephants,

You might have seen me in the Discord’s rooms encouraging the herd towards ultimate victory over their defi competitors or simply being annoying.

Thing is, I would love to build a project to bring Stake DAO to the Spanish speaking masses.

I have some experience putting together proto-platforms (see: but unfortunately, my day job keeps me too busy so far for going full-time crypto.

If the DAO considers an initiative as such worth exploring I would love to speak about it and potentially applying for a grant eventually.

I am posting here in expectation of hearing out what the community may have to say and taking note of constructive feedback from you my fellow elephant warriors.




Buenas y si quieres algo de ayuda podemos colaborar! Switching to English…

The reality is that most of DeFi is heavily geared towards English-speaking audiences and although there are good levels of understanding of English here in Spain, crypto and defi are extremely jargon heavy and I think there are definite benefits to making it easier to onboard and support people who may be less comfortable dealing with all of this.



Educating people in Spanish-speaking countries is such a strategic undertaking.


Expanding into new markets Latin market is a good idea that I’d support with my time, from the top of my head the grants lifecycle could look something like below.

These are thoughts so feel free to dissect them, enabling the community to drive change is something we could certainly do better.

  1. Define Purpose and Signaling (Post in #discussion)

Issue A is an issue I experience that I’d like to solve, do you feel this way too?” (This post)

  1. Ideation and rough plan (Telegram, Discord, Here, Pigeon…)

“These are examples of where else Issue A has occurred and how it was solved. To solve our problem we can adopt X, drop Y and add Z.”

“Do you have any other ideas? Do you have any skills that can help solve our problem?”

  1. Collaboration and Request for Grant (Post in the #proposals category)

“We think the easiest way we can solve Issue A is by doing 1, 2 and 3 to achieve A, B and C.”
“By achieving A, B and C we think we can solve Issue A.”

@ChamanRa will do B, @freshaspect can do C and @Fred will try A but it’s his first time.”

“On our own we think we can do this in 2 weeks but with more help it would be quicker, comment here if you want to join the working group and can help with that”

If completed in 2 weeks and the delivered solution is accepted by the DAO we would request a bounty of ‘x’ SDT for solving Issue A, would you DAO support this?"

Signal Vote: Do you support Grant Request #1 as specified?

Y (94%) | N (6%)

  1. Delivery and Review

A, B and C were delivered and the DAO must now decide if the implementation solved Issue A.

Signal Vote: Should A, B and C be implemented?

Y (87%) | N (13%)

A, B and C are implemented, the DAO awards the bounty ‘x’ SDT to the working group.

There are some suggestions the solution could still be further developed, another request for grant can be made to iterate on A, B and C.

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