Stake DAO Latino

Hello elephants,

You might have seen me in the Discord’s rooms encouraging the herd towards ultimate victory over their defi competitors or simply being annoying.

Thing is, I would love to build a project to bring Stake DAO to the Spanish speaking masses.

I have some experience putting together proto-platforms (see: but unfortunately, my day job keeps me too busy so far for going full-time crypto.

If the DAO considers an initiative as such worth exploring I would love to speak about it and potentially applying for a grant eventually.

I am posting here in expectation of hearing out what the community may have to say and taking note of constructive feedback from you my fellow elephant warriors.




Buenas y si quieres algo de ayuda podemos colaborar! Switching to English…

The reality is that most of DeFi is heavily geared towards English-speaking audiences and although there are good levels of understanding of English here in Spain, crypto and defi are extremely jargon heavy and I think there are definite benefits to making it easier to onboard and support people who may be less comfortable dealing with all of this.



Educating people in Spanish-speaking countries is such a strategic undertaking.


Just came back from holiday, will take a look at this soon. Jet lag is killing me

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Como contacto contigo?