Staking -reward small and early investor and believers

Propose to reward staking of SDT within the plaftform with an interesting APY for gradual locking at earliest possible i.e 3 months huge APY /6 months consideral APY / 1yo normal APY this aims to reward small and early investors we were true believers of the project.


Very nice idea i follow you

Shouldn’t the incentives be the other way around, such as, the longer you lock/stake your SDT, the better the APY?
Otherwise, aren’t we incentivizing short term locks for big % gains and then the dump of those?

I might have misunderstood the proposal or might be missing something, would love a further clarification on the impact you think your proposal would have for lockup of supply.


I think we are two. Unless I misunderstood the proposal, I would also suggest a better APY the longer you lock the coins seems more like the way it should be. I guess some clarifications are maybe needed just to make we all understand each other but if you meant the better APY the longer you stake, I agree on this one :+1:


I fully agree with better APY for a longer staking!

The mechanism used by the CurveDAO likely has lessons for us here:


Hi, thanks for proposing this. I don’t see the added value as higher SDT issuance will only inflate supply and thus decrease its price. :v:

It should be the longer your stake the better the reward. If it is the other way round, I believe no body will want to stake for a longer period.

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