The Llamas x The Herd – Early Supporter Grant Proposal

The Llamas x The Herd – Early Supporter Grant Proposal

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The Llamas is a yield-flow and digital reputation system attempting to drive positive-sum action across the Curve ecosystem. Through on-boarding new contributors, rewarding existing builders and empowering dao-level coordination, Llamas becomes the social layer and cultural flywheel of CurveDAO and its counterparts.
The Llamas enables an anonymous workforce and coordination marketplace that directs and utilizes an ever-growing, community-owned treasury.
Llamas wishes to decentralize its treasury via partner grants permanently locked in their native form to further align with curve native protocols.


The Llamas will divest Ether into curve eco assets, primarily partner protocols which will continue to be accumulated. A grant of 100,000 SDT would be matched with an initial purchase of 100,000 sdCRV rising to 500,000 sdCRV to be locked into liquid lockers. Thus enabling llamas a boosted entrance into the Stake Dao ecosystem. This will be an ongoing process as mint fees and royalties are divested further.



The Llamas offer ownership of your place in the Curve ecosystem and a way to grow reputation through participating in a permissionless coordination hub and talent pool. Protocols will be able to access a pool of talented llamas and direct their actions, skillset and liquidity whenever they need extra bandwidth.
Our mission is to create opportunities for cross pollination, an ecosystem-wide talent pool and a platform to onboard, rally and rapidly expand Curve and all of DeFi.


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Really cool proposal! Super pumped about it!


Proposal gud. Let’s go llamas!


The coming together of these ecosystems is super exciting! Leveraging the grant with treasury gives benefits to both and compounding the rewards seems like a total net positive.

Keen to see what the discussion results in :handshake:


Amazing work so far and honestly cannot wait to see what lies ahead in terms of future collaborations. The Curve ecosystem is one of the strongest, and most battle tested in all of defi. Projects like TheLlamas that strengthen the Curve ecosystem even further, while also providing yield bearing NFT’s with utility and more, just proves how far we have come and more importantly, how much further we have to go. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for the future!

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I have personally been in contact with the team since the early days of the project and before the discord had more than 50 people. What they have achieved to date is nothing short of impressive and, in my opinion, will bring character and life to the CRV ecosystem through their partnerships and the bond that the Llama community has.

As a bonus, this also happens to be one of the most aesthetically looking NFT collections we have seen in a very very long time.

Would be great to see this proposal be taken to the next stage.

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A great proposal to set the llama experiment up for an excellent future and to the mutual benefit of the Herd and the Llamas.

The Llamas project is one of the more exciting and clear-eyed projects to come out of NFTs for a long while. The combination of Integration with and Representation of the Curve ecosystem, and its grassroots growth bodes well for expansion. The NFT aspect will be a fantastic mechanism to showcase the flywheel aspects of the Curve-related Defi protocols. Simply put, the Llamas are another spoke of the flywheel.

Defi + NFT = StakeDao + Llamas = mutual benefit.

I support this proposal, mutual benefit for both projects.

The Llamas are a great project to support the curve eco-system and the first nft-fi project to exist in that ecosystem.

Snapshot live


I see that Stake Dao team members have now a LLama photo profile (e.g. on telegram / twitter)

For transparency, can you disclose the links and conflict of interest between Stake Dao team members and LLamas x The Herd ?

Thank you.