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Hello Community,

Twitter is one of the places a lot people look in order to see the activity and current state of a respective project also in order to find new information about it.
I would like to create more appealing Twitter content, I really think we should have content that looks good because Twitter is essential in any project nowadays(moreso in crypto).
I could create some if it is needed.
So at 10 likes I will create some.:100:
I look forward to your opinions on this.


I think this is a good idea and we welcome any contributions from the community. We’ve had a few people reach out that have produced short video’s/media who can choose to come forward if they wish - perhaps we can get some synergies going.

My 2c would be that if you see somewhere that you can contribute, go for it! (Your post is obviously a very good example of this).

Remember, the herd takes care of its own :elephant:


I agree. Interesting and regular Twitter content is important because it could be the first impression given to potential new users.

I was wondering if anyone has attempted to contact the owner of the Twitter account @StakeDao. It seems to be inactive since 2019. Maybe the owner would release it so it could be used by the project?


You are right bro, BUT I am from Romania :rofl: :rofl: and just getting used to working this way is very, very new to me! I will create the content, thx.
I am all about creating synergies and hopefully we can follow in the footsteps of others that created awesome DAOs and products (like Badger, like 1hive, etc.).


Let s do it! Maybe we need a channel named #exposure experiments or something like that. Maybe it is not the best name but you get the ideea. There we could communicate and try out all sorts of things. I also an in a NFT collective called CTC-it is on XDAI, what artists are you working with?


These are really good suggestions and i’m really quite excited by your passion. Happy to create a separate channel for this, though, if possible it would be good to leverage the ‘memes’ channel on discord as there are a few community contributors there that i’m sure would love to get involved.

I’ll kick off a conversation there now with a view to creating a separate channel if the discussion devolves too much.

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