SD Academy — Monthly Budget for Quiz Rewards

Stake DAO Academy — Monthly Budget Discussion

Aim: Allocate 2500 SDT per month to the Journeys + Quiz feature program.

• History: Under development since mid 2021;
Stake DAO Academy has grown from a simple QnA style doc to a full fledged learning blog on Crypto and DeFi — now serving features such as international translations, audio tracks for articles, themed collections, learning journeys, quizzes etc.

• Our ask: we’d like to further push our reach and help in the collective goal of onboarding the next 100 Mn people to Web3;
the plan is to engage our audience better through gamification and incentivisation;
in this regard, we’d like to bring the Journeys + Quiz feature under the fold of Stake DAO’s existing rewards program;
If implemented, we will be to reward our best learners on the quiz in the form of SDT.

• Means: starting with 2500 SDT per month, funded by the DAO — with rewards distributed on the Polygon network.

• We also look forward to translating the quiz and offering the same opportunity for rewards in our international set of languages.


Our users get educated, and win money and prizes in the process? Sounds like a win to me.


yes! :slight_smile:
we basically add Learn2Earn as a feature to our existing family of DeFi products

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No idea about the right amount to allocate but the Academy is a great initiative, adding quiz rewards is a better and virtous marketing tool that should offer a lower acquisition cost of new user than standard marketing, it should also incentivize the education of the community and increase its loyalty.


I support! Getting information from the right source is crucial to survival in crypto. Reading and learning is a difficult path for apes and degens but it is absolutely vital.


Could we have more detail on the use of the budget please? How many people do you expect to reward every month, what will be the average price, etc.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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updates on the Quiz program:

  • the budget is now set to start with 2500 SDT per month
  • which will be split over 4 weekly tranches, to maximise audience interest
  • we’re incorporating active sybil-filtering to ensure that only honest attempts get rewarded
  • in terms of ranking the entries (after filtering), we have two approaches in mind:
    — first-come-first-serve (simpler to start with; rewards early birds)
    — lucky draws (this helps tackle a large number of entries while giving out bigger prizes);
    either way, we’re hoping to rank and reward at least 100 entries per month; i.e. 25 SDT per rewarded attempt
  • the ranking method can be fine tuned as we measure audience interest generated over time

Approved :

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