SDGP#2 : Academy monthly budget

Create a budget to rewards the Journey + Quizz feature

The Academy is under development since mid 2021;
Stake DAO Academy has grown from a simple Q&A style doc to a full fledged learning blog on Crypto and DeFi.

It’s now serving features such as international translations, audio tracks for articles, themed collections, learning journeys, quizzes etc

This proposal is to formalize the topic opened in the Academy category by @sami

The goal is to increase the academy reach and help in the collective goal of on boarding the next 100 Mn people to Web3 by engaging the audience better through gamification and incentives.

In this regard, we’d like to add the Journeys + Quiz feature under the fold of Stake DAO’s rewards, with a 2500 SDT monthly budget.

If this proposal is implemented, it will reward the best learners on the quizz.

2500 SDT/month, this number can be reevaluated by the DAO in the future.

The rewards will be distributed on the Polygon network.

Voting options:
Yes, accept the Academy budget
No, refuse the Academy budget

Accept the academy budget ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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